Brandi and Jarrod and some of their best scores

Brandi and Jarrod had pretty good luck this year. They had some thousand dollar appraisals on some good stuff. Some items really put them in the profit with a low bid getting the locker and some hidden treasure inside. Here is a great look back:
brandi-passante-storage-wars-san-francisco29 brandi-passante-shipping-wars-balls3 brandi-passante-tight-white-shirt brandi-passante-white-shirt

Brandi in strapless dress, a great look back – Part 2

More of Brandi’s great dresses. These are some great shots of her fashion sense when bidding and distracting. We realize the green dress isn’t quite strapless, but its a favorite so its here.
brandi-passante-bows-2 brandi-passante-empire3 brandi-pay-the-lady9 brandi-passante-blonde-hair-highest-bidder4 brandi-passante-hair-pulled-back3 brandi-tight-green-strapless-dress3

Brandi in strapless dresses, a great look back

Brandi has some great outfits this season. She knew how to dress to distract the other bidders and get the locker she wanted. Only she can pull off the strapless dress look so effortlessly.
brandi-tight-green-dress2 brandi-passante-bows-3 brandi-passante-bows-1 brandi-passante-empire4 brandi-passante-empire2 brandi-black-white-dress1

Brandi, she knows where to keep the cash

A great scene, Brandi keeping some bidding cash safe. She knows what she’s doing, and knows right where to put it.
brandi-green-dress-cash3 brandi-green-dress-cash2 brandi-passante-cash-down-her-dress brandi-passante-green-dress-cash1

Brandi’s great expressions when scoring lockers, part 2.

Part 2 in our look at Brandi’s strategy to win lockers and evade the other bidders. Great expressions and dressing in such a way as to distract them. Part 2 of Brandi’s many expressions when doing business.
brandi-passante-long-blonde-hair brandi-passante-long-blonde-hair2 brandi-passante-mad-at-jarrod brandi-passante-mad-at-jarrod2 brandi-passante-storage-wars-frustrated brandi-passante-no-one-outbids-me brandi-passante-dont-mess-with-me

Brandi’s great expressions when bidding and winning

Brandi has had some great expressions on the show. She is not afraid to show how she is feeling. Mad, annoyed at Jarod, confused, looking hot to confuse the other bidders or again – mad at Jarrod. She has some great looks. Part 1 of this great set.
brandi-passante-storage-wars-cute-yellow2 brandi-passante-ponytail-5 brandi-passante-hair-pulled-back9 brandi-passante-hot-expression brandi-storage-wars-looking-hot brandi-storage-wars-long-hair

Brandi in black strapless dress with the Coins Score

Great flashback to when Brandi and Jarrod got that locker with the coins in it, what a score. All those coins in protectors and organized and worth something! Brandi was looking hot in her black strapless dress, always a bidding advantage.
brandi-passante-black-strapless-dress1 brandi-strapless-black-top7 brandi-strapless-black-top6 brandi-strapless-black-top3 brandi-strapless-black-top-coins

Brandi looking hot in hats

Some great looks of Brandi in some past shows looking hot in hats.
brandi-storage-wars-black-hat8 brandi-storage-wars-black-hat6 brandi-black-top-hemet7 brandi-black-top-hemet2