Brandi and Jarrod bidding on tools and scoring some Boating Items

Brandi and Jarrod were bidding on lockers in Oxnard and got some early information on the last locker. The last auction is a locker full of contractor tools which they were waiting for. Jarrod did try for the #2 locker, but was beat out by Dave when he tool the auction up over $4000. Brandi was looking smart in her leather jacket and was planning out their bidding strategy every step of the way. In the tools locker, did we see that Brandi has a lower back tattoo? I think so!
storage-wars-brandi-passante-have-a-back-tattoo-tramp-stamp storage-wars-brandi-passante-strategy-on-bidding-1 storage-wars-brandi-passante-bidding-on-gumball-machine-1 storage-wars-brandi-passante-black-leather-jacket-3 storage-wars-brandi-passante-black-leather-jacket-2
Dave crushed one of their attempts at the antiques locker by taking the price way up.

Brandi and Jarrod bidding on vaults

Vaults are a tough bid, as you cannot see much when the door is removed. Brandi and Jarrod try to be careful and set some strategy, but also need to buy. They are cautious and end up with some tools and an old radio.
brandi-passante-long-blonde-hair-1 brandi-passante-maybe-over-bidding-on-vault-2 brandi-passante-maybe-over-bidding-on-vault brandi-passante-radio-appraisal-2 brandi-passante-radio-appraisal

Brandi bidding on furniture in locker, all business

Brandi was all business in bidding on furniture. She wanted to set a cap on spending and reel Jarrod in on over-spending. She was sure to distract the other bidders in her tight long grey dress too. She was looking focused in this show and determined. She was also not taking any flack from Jarrod on him telling her what to do early in the show.

brandi-passante-in-long-grey-dress-1 brandi-passante-tight-grey-dress-4 brandi-passante-tight-grey-dress-3 brandi-passante-tight-grey-dress-2

Brandi looking good in red dress, while filming the Storage Wars Trailer

The filming of the new Storage Wars trailer was a major production. All the stunts, a Brandi-double and filmed with a helicopter and the car chase. A few behind the scenes pics.
brandi-passante-trailer-looking-hot-in-red-dress brandi-passante-hot-in-red-for-making-movie-trailer brandi-passante-hot-in-red-for-making-movie-trailer-4 brandi-passante-hot-in-red-for-making-movie-trailer-3 brandi-passante-hot-in-red-for-making-movie-trailer-2

Brandi ready for bidding, in New Storage Wars June 5!

A great new promo is out featuring our favorite cast as five Soldiers of Fortune. The video is pretty funny. Brandi is looking super hot in red and ready for the new season!
brandi-passante-new-storage-wars-images-3 brandi-passante-looking-hot-in-red-for-new-storage-wars brandi-passante-looking-hot-in-red-for-new-storage-wars-2

Brandi show off some color when bidding

We don’t see Brandi in green much or too many spring colors. Great look back at Brandi in some green, maybe that means she is bringing more money to bid with? Not sure, but she looks great either way.
brandi-passante-hot-in-green-dress brandi-passante-hot-in-green-dress-cash brandi-green-dress-cash-in-front brandi-passante-storage-wars-green-dress-1

Brandi in white

Great flashback to Brandi wearing a white dress. This is when Jarrod bought that car, that she thought was worthless. Turns out, the car appraised for a few thousand dollars and Jarrod was right.
brandi-passante-hot-in-white brandi-passante-hot-in-white-2 brandi-passante-hot-in-white-3 brandi-passante-hot-in-white-dress

Brandi’s Braid, great flash back

A great look for Brandi, the braid or pony tail. We don’t see this much, but it deserved a flash back look at some of her best looks.
brandi-passante-ponytail-2 brandi-passante-blue-dress-hair-pulled-back brandi-passante-ponytail-blonde-hair brandi-passante-ponytail-in-blue-dress