Brandi trying for some furniture lockers, and beaten out by the new guy!

Brandi was looking good in all black in this episode and wasn’t afraid to spend some money. Right away they battled for a locker with the new buyer, Jeff and the price went up so fast – only Barry won it going into the thousands. Jeff did hold his own and scored the charity auction locker and the final locker was the best. Jarrod and Brandi stayed in until the end and they got it, but paid over $3000 for it! Yikes! Prices are going up fast in only a few bids.
brandi-passante-looking-hot-in-black-top-blonde-hair-4 brandi-passante-losses-locker-to-jeff brandi-passante-looking-hot-in-black-top-blonde-hair-2 brandi-passante-black-top-blonde-hair-1
Jeff, the new buyer. He brought cash and scored a locker full of furniture. He means business.

Brandi still trying to hold back Jarrod from over paying

We saw Mark Balalo again recently. He brought $50,000 in cash to the auction, as he says ‘whatever he wants, he gets’. Brandi was doing her best to keep Jarrod in line from over spending. She was rocking a tight green dress, to remind him to watch the spending. Jarrod didn’t do so well in his locker choice and was trying to talk-up the pricing of his items to cover himself. Brandi wasn’t buying it.
barter-kings-steve-trading-his-way-up brandi-passante-bidding-against-mark-2 brandi-passante-tight-green-dress-doesnt-want-to-overpay-2 brandi-passante-tight-green-dress-doesnt-want-to-overpay brandi-passante-tight-green-dress-3 brandi-passante-tight-green-dress-1

Brandi scoring a unit with a Bar and an Accordian

Brandi was looking good in her orange dress and she and Jarrod were bidding on a locker with a Bar in it. The unit was the last one of the day and the largest. The Bar could be clearly seen. They had to beat Dave out of the unit, no holds barred and they got it! Brandi was bringing the focus on winning in her tight orange dress too.
brandi-passante-in-tight-orange-dress-1 brandi-passante-finds-an-accordian-1 brandi-passante-wins-the-bar-from-dave-1 brandi-passante-strapless-orange-dress-3 brandi-passante-strapless-orange-dress-2 brandi-passante-strapless-orange-dress-1

Brandi has a talk with Jarrod on spending and keeping costs inline

We this show start out with Brandi and Jarrod talking costs. She explains that they are over spending on lockers and they should watch their spending. In seeing these shots of their store, it looks like they did some back room painting and fixing up of the place. Later Jarrod was working hard to show Brandi a locker and the value by pricing the items high – Brandi wasn’t falling for it, she knew he over paid and they are lucky to break even.
storage-wars-brandi-passante-divide-conquer storage-wars-brandi-passante-mad-at-jarrod-on-furniture-6 storage-wars-brandi-passante-mad-at-jarrod-on-furniture-4 storage-wars-brandi-passante-in-red-1

We do see that Jarrod did lose money on that locker.

Brandi and Jarrod new strategy, divide and conquer

Brandi and Jarrod were trying for another storage unit. We saw that they wanted to try to confuse the other bidders in the crowd and split up. Jarrod bidding on one side of the crowd with Brandi possibly bidding on the other. This might end up with them bidding against each other. Brandi also wasn’t right next to Jarrod to hold him back from bidding, so he might have over paid for this unit too.
storage-wars-brandi-passante-mad-at-jarrod-on-furniture-3 storage-wars-brandi-passante-mad-at-jarrod-on-furniture-1 storage-wars-brandi-passante-mad-at-jarrod-on-furniture-5 storage-wars-brandi-passante-in-red-talking-bids

Brandi getting brass boat items appraised

Brandi is getting the brass items she got from the tool locker appraised. The control lever and astronomy and charting guage. They are reproductions, but still worth something. Boating items was a pretty odd thing to turn up in a tools locker, but it paid off for her and Jarrod.
storage-wars-brandi-passante-won-the-tools-1 storage-wars-brandi-passante-won-the-tools-mad-at-jarrod storage-wars-brandi-passante-have-a-back-tattoo storage-wars-brandi-passante-boat-compass-in-locker storage-wars-brandi-passante-boat-brass-objects storage-wars-brandi-passante-boat-items-appraisal

Brandi and Jarrod lost a furniture locker to Dave

Brandi and Jarrod were bidding on a furniture locker, but Dave drove the price way up into the thousands. Brandi was pretty mad when Jarrod went over $3000, good thing he didn’t win with that look on her face!
storage-wars-brandi-passante-tools-final-winnings storage-wars-brandi-passante-bidding-on-tools-1 storage-wars-brandi-passante-out-bid-by-dave-1 storage-wars-brandi-passante-black-leather-jacket-1

Brandi and Jarrod bidding on tools and scoring some Boating Items

Brandi and Jarrod were bidding on lockers in Oxnard and got some early information on the last locker. The last auction is a locker full of contractor tools which they were waiting for. Jarrod did try for the #2 locker, but was beat out by Dave when he tool the auction up over $4000. Brandi was looking smart in her leather jacket and was planning out their bidding strategy every step of the way. In the tools locker, did we see that Brandi has a lower back tattoo? I think so!
storage-wars-brandi-passante-have-a-back-tattoo-tramp-stamp storage-wars-brandi-passante-strategy-on-bidding-1 storage-wars-brandi-passante-bidding-on-gumball-machine-1 storage-wars-brandi-passante-black-leather-jacket-3 storage-wars-brandi-passante-black-leather-jacket-2
Dave crushed one of their attempts at the antiques locker by taking the price way up.