Brandi show off some color when bidding

We don’t see Brandi in green much or too many spring colors. Great look back at Brandi in some green, maybe that means she is bringing more money to bid with? Not sure, but she looks great either way.
brandi-passante-hot-in-green-dress brandi-passante-hot-in-green-dress-cash brandi-green-dress-cash-in-front brandi-passante-storage-wars-green-dress-1

Brandi in white

Great flashback to Brandi wearing a white dress. This is when Jarrod bought that car, that she thought was worthless. Turns out, the car appraised for a few thousand dollars and Jarrod was right.
brandi-passante-hot-in-white brandi-passante-hot-in-white-2 brandi-passante-hot-in-white-3 brandi-passante-hot-in-white-dress

Brandi’s Braid, great flash back

A great look for Brandi, the braid or pony tail. We don’t see this much, but it deserved a flash back look at some of her best looks.
brandi-passante-ponytail-2 brandi-passante-blue-dress-hair-pulled-back brandi-passante-ponytail-blonde-hair brandi-passante-ponytail-in-blue-dress

Brandi and Jarrod in New York

Brandi and Jarrod were in New York at the Lincoln Center for the show. They were on-hand with other Reality TV stars, promoting Storage Wars. Does Jarrod look mad? Brandi looks great as usual.
brandi-jarrod-in-new-york-promoting-storage-wars2 brandi-jarrod-in-new-york-promoting-storage-wars1

Brandi getting some skateboards appraised

Brandi and Jarrod were getting some skateboards appraised, a few were worth a few hundred and one over $500. Brandi was looking good in her white top, which is her strategy to distract the appraiser into getting a higher price. Well, that’s our theory anyway.
brandi-passante-looking-good-in-tight-white-top-4 brandi-passante-looking-good-in-tight-white-top-3 brandi-passante-looking-good-in-tight-white-top-2 brandi-passante-looking-good-in-tight-white-top brandi-passante-looking-good-in-tight-white-top-1

Brandi and Jarrod forced to negotiate with Darryl

We saw the episode again where Brandi and Jarrod pick up some matching furniture in a few lockers. Apparently the same person owned all the lockers and the matching furniture sets are spread across them. Darryl picked up one key locker that throws off their entire plan, he has some parts to the bed that Brandi needs. She and Jarrod pay Darryl what he wants for the missing pieces, but over pay as they are in a desperate situation for the matched set. Brandi was looking hot in black for sure.
brandi-hot-in-black-top-5 brandi-hot-in-black-top-6 brandi-hot-in-black-top-4 brandi-hot-in-black-top-1 brandi-hot-in-black-top-2 brandi-hot-in-black-top-3

Brandi in gray tank top, her best look

During the marathon of Storage Wars, we again see Brandi’s best look, her gray tank top. A super cute, hot look for her and equally distracting to the other bidders. This was the Driving Miss Barry episode.
brandi-looking-hot-in-gray-top-6 brandi-looking-hot-in-gray-top-5 brandi-looking-hot-in-gray-top-4 brandi-looking-hot-in-gray-top-3 brandi-looking-hot-in-gray-top-2

Brandi in Yellow and Hat

This episode ran again, and Brandi looking intimidating in her hat. This a serious, don’t mess with me look. They yellow and black work together for sure. When Jarrod’s bid passes the $3000 mark, you can see Brandi isn’t pleased, and the hat look becomes all business.
brandi-storage-wars-black-hat-mad-at-jarrod brandi-storage-wars-black-mad-at-jarrod-2 brandi-cute-smirk brandi-storage-wars-black-hat