Brandi and Jarrod Bidding, and Dave with his Big Yuup Trucks

We see the show again, where Dave starts to show off his new trucks, with his name and catch phrase on them. Brand and Jarrod do some bidding and the lockers go for reasonable prices, but Dave cannot fill up his truck and that everyone likes. Pretty funny episode.
brandi-passante-bidding-and-beating-dave brandi-passante-bidding-in-gray-dress-storage-wars brandi-passante-buying-lockers-not-putting-up-with-dave brandi-passante-and-daves-trucks-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Bidding on Vaults

We get to see the episode where Brandi and Jarrod are bidding on vaults, the giant wooden crates. The pull one side off and the bidders can view what’s inside. At first Brandi and Jarrod have a strategy on how much to spend, then it seems Brandi goes over their cap and overpays.
brandi-passante-in-long-grey-dress-1 brandi-passante-looking-hot-in-gray-dress brandi-passante-radio-appraisal brandi-passante-long-blonde-hair-1 brandi-passante-tight-grey-dress-4 brandi-passante-maybe-over-bidding-on-vault

Brandi and Jarrod Again Leave with Nothing. Darrell Makes the Biggest Score of his Life

Brandi bids into the thousands but Dave and Darrell are strong bidders this time around and grab up all the lockers. Jarrod even tries to stop Brandi’s out of control bidding, and that never happens! Darrell makes a killer score on a locker with a famous artists work, and nets over $300,000 in value.
brandi-and-jarrod-leave-with-no-locker-storage-wars jarrod-trying-to-stop-brandi-storage-wars brandi-bidding-on-locker-storage-wars brandi-thinks-locker-is-full-of-trash-storage-wars brandi-ready-to-bid-on-twenty-lockers-storage-wars darrell-makes-the-biggest-score-ever-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Hope to Have Some Good Luck in Montebello

Brandi and Jarrod head to Montebello, and hope to have some good luck there. Dave lately has been buying up all the lockers. Jarrod is not so optimistic, but Brandi really has her eye on a locker full of household stuff. She gets a bid reckless with her bidding and takes it up over $3000 and still doesn’t get it.
brandi-wants-entire-locker-with-house-stuff-storage-wars brandi-last-chance-locker-storage-wars brandi-thinks-montebello-is-bad-luck-storage-wars brandi-not-bidding-on-old-furniture-locker-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Leave Empty Handed

Dave scoops up all the locker worth anything, and there is that single locker that went to Jeff for five dollars. Brandi and Jarrod leave empty handed, this won’t fill their store shelves. They leave the auctions with nothing and joke about the rest of their day being free.
brandi-leaves-with-no-locker-storage-wars brandi-does-not-want-to-leave-empty-handed-storage-wars brandi-jarrod-lose-to-dave-storage-wars brandi-injured-from-cleaning-garage-storage-wars jeff-bought-locker-for-five-dollars-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Don’t Have Any Luck Bidding

Brandi tries to work a reverse strategy on Jarrod, to get him to not overpay. Jarrod agrees they shouldn’t buy a bad locker and leave with junk. Dave ends up buying up all the good lockers that look to be full of good items for any buyer. Household, mystery boxes and furniture Dave gets them all. There is one locker that isn’t very full that no one wants and we see it go to Jeff for $5 ! The lowest price ever.
brandi-bidding-in-colorful-dress-storage-wars brandi-trying-reverse-psychology-with-jarrod-storage-wars brandi-keeping-jarrod-from-over-paying-storage-wars brandi-battling-jeff-for-a-locker-storage-wars

Brandi Bidding and Finally Going Through the Locker

Brandi and Jarrod beat out a few bidders, including Jeff on this locker. This is where they find that electric bike among the furniture and other items. It was a surprise, as it was in such a small case and you couldn’t tell what it was. They do get it appraised laster and it has some value. They also find a killer pool table with what appears to be all the pieces to it.
brandi-getting-reckless-on-her-bidding-storage-wars jeff-jarrod-checking-out-locker-with-barber-pole-storage-wars brandi-laughing-at-jarrod-on-yike-bike-on-storage-wars brandi-with-the-yike-bike-storage-wars brandi-and-the-pool-table-they-won-storage-wars brandi-checking-out-electric-bike-2-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Find an Electric Bike

We see Jeff return in this episode, another thrift store bidder, and he is going for furniture and housewares too. Dan pulls him aside and tells him to leave his trash talk outside as he know Jeff is vocal about not liking Dan’s style. Laura and Dan won’t put up with it and set Jeff straight from the start. Brandi and Jarrod get a furniture locker with one high-tech electric bike that looks pretty cool.
dan-and-jeff-arguing-about-auctions-and-bidding brandi-reckless-but-not-stupid-bidding-storage-wars brandi-ready-to-bid-reckless-storage-wars brandi-checking-out-electric-bike-storage-wars brandi-hair-up-checking-out-a-locker-in-the-heat-storage-wars jarrod-on-the-electric-bike-storage-wars

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