Brandi and Jarrod Trying to Stick to a Budget

We saw the show again where Brandi and Jarrod bid on a few lockers, one with bar supplies and the other has a some sports gear. Jarrod is focused on staying on budget and throwing out numbers below $500 for some lockers, we never see him bid or pay that little. Brandi isn’t buying it, she thinks he will over bid.
brandi-wearing-gray-shirt-on-way-to-auction-storage-wars brandi-wearing-gray-shirt-on-way-to-auction-2 brandi-wearing-gray-shirt-on-way-to-auction-storage-wars-2 brandi-bidding-against-barry-on-locker

Brandi and Jarrod vs. Nabila

We saw the episode again where Nabila was trying to clean up at the auctions. This is when Jarrod and Brandi missed a few auctions, Nabila moved in like a shark and came with the cash, she was either bidding others up or buying the unit herself. She was a strong bidder like Dave. Dave also tried to make a showing by bringing his entire fleet of trucks, like he is walking away with all the lockers – but he went home empty handed, too funny.
brandi-passante-shipping-wars-barry-dressed-as-hobo brandi-passante-shipping-wars-locker-with-sports-balls brandi-passante-shipping-wars-hobo9 brandi-passante-shipping-wars-playing-with-balls nabila-shipping-wars-bidding-against-brandi brandi-passante-shipping-wars-hobo5
Dave bringing all the trucks!
brandi-passante-shipping-wars-all-daves-trucks brandi-passante-shipping-wars-all-daves-trucks-2

Brandi Winning the Quads

We saw the episode where Brandi goes way over $6000 on a bid for a locker with Quads. No one is sure they even run, but they look good and a few other bidders are in for it too. Even Jarrod thinks she spent too much. As we learned they are valuable and run good.
brandi-driving-miss-barry-wins-the-quads brandi-bidding-on-the-quads brandi-won-the-quads! brandi-in-gray-top-bidding-on-quads brandi-telling-jarrod-she-is-bidding-even-higher brandi-riding-on-the-quads

Salute and Flashback to Brandi with Hair Pulled Back, Braid and Long

Hair pulled back, the braid or long. A salute to some great fashion and hair styles from Brandi.
brandi-white-top-hair-pulled-back brandi-passante-hair-pulled-back-strapless brandi-passante-ponytail-storage-wars brandi-tight-gray-top-long-hair brandi-storage-wars-hair-pulled-back brandi-passante-long-straight-hair brandi-passante-long-blond-hair brandi-long-straight-blonde-hair

Brandi Will Give Jarrod “The Look” if there is a Problem

Brandi has a lot of expressions. When she is mad, didn’t get a locker, or thinks Jarrod over paid, no question what she is thinking. She may give him the look of “what are you doing!” or just be totally confused on what he saw and why he spent so much. Brandi is great with her expressions.
brandi-is-mad-at-jarrod brandi-passante-storage-wars-annoyed-with-jarrod brandi-passante-do-not-mess-with-her brandi-jarrod-you-bought-what

Brandi Leaving Sleeves Behind, Part II

Serious bidding and winning from Brandi, no sleeves required. Part II.
brandi-passante-tight-grey-dress-2 brandi-passante-tight-grey-dress-1 storage-wars-brandi-passante-piano-purchase brandi-passante-nice-smile brandi-winning-old-bowling-balls brandi-hot-in-tight-gray-shirt brandi-passante-stripped-dress

Brandi Doesn’t Need Sleeves to Get That Locker

Brandi does not need sleeves to get that locker! She will use her arms and should as a distraction when scoring a locker. She sharpens up her focus and leads with a strong look, and when you caught sleeping she outbids you and gets the locker she wants. Some great no sleeve Brandi looks going in for the win!
brandi-passante-looking-hot-in-gray-dress brandi-storage-wars-sleevless-dress brandi-and-jarrod-bought-barrys-from-him brandi-tight-tank-top-and-roller-skating-rink-2 brandi-passante-looking-hot-blonde-hair brandi-passante-long-dirty-blonde-hair

Brandi in Black and the Deal Is Getting Done

More of serious Brandi in black, making the deals happen. She is bidding and getting the locker she wants in all black. Part II of Brandi in all black.
storage-wars-brandi-passante-black-leather-jacket-1 storage-wars-brandi-passante-over-bidding-on-antiques brandi-passante-black-dress-bidding brandi-passante-tight-black-top brandi-in-strapless-black-top brandi-black-top-bidding-and-winning