Brandi Doesn’t Need Sleeves to Get That Locker

Brandi does not need sleeves to get that locker! She will use her arms and should as a distraction when scoring a locker. She sharpens up her focus and leads with a strong look, and when you caught sleeping she outbids you and gets the locker she wants. Some great no sleeve Brandi looks going in for the win!
brandi-passante-looking-hot-in-gray-dress brandi-storage-wars-sleevless-dress brandi-and-jarrod-bought-barrys-from-him brandi-tight-tank-top-and-roller-skating-rink-2 brandi-passante-looking-hot-blonde-hair brandi-passante-long-dirty-blonde-hair

Brandi in Black and the Deal Is Getting Done

More of serious Brandi in black, making the deals happen. She is bidding and getting the locker she wants in all black. Part II of Brandi in all black.
storage-wars-brandi-passante-black-leather-jacket-1 storage-wars-brandi-passante-over-bidding-on-antiques brandi-passante-black-dress-bidding brandi-passante-tight-black-top brandi-in-strapless-black-top brandi-black-top-bidding-and-winning

Brandi Focused on Good Deals, In All Black

When Brandi wears black, sometimes the mood is light, but we know its all a diversion. When Brandi is focused on good deals, good products for the store and maybe quantity – black is the only way to go. Some of Brandi’s best looks in black.
brandi-strapless-black-top-looking-hot brandi-in-strapless-black-top brandi-strapless-black-top-blonde-hair brandi-in-thin-black-shirt-and-hat brandi-passante-storage-bidding-in-black brandi-strapless-black-top-storage-wars

Brandi Doing Some of Her Best Bidding in Blue

Brandi has had some cool looks in blue when scooping up auctions. The blue dress is her cool look and she is not in the mood for distractions or other buyers.
brandi-hot-in-blue-strapless-dress-storage-wars brandi-hot-in-blue-strapless-dress-storage-wars brandi-hot-in-blue-strapless-dress-storage-wars storage-wars-brandi-looking-hot-in-blue brandi-blue-dress-holding-jarrod-back brandi-blue-dress-talks-buying

Brandi Bidding in Gray and Barry with Cool Car

We haven’t seen this episode air again yet, it was the Driving Miss Barry episode. Brandi does pay quite a bit for a locker in this show against Jarrod’s advice and Barry drives a cool Ranchero to the auction.
brandi-looking-hot-in-tight-shirt brandi-looking-hot-in-gray-tight-shirt brandi-looking-hot-in-tight-tank-top brandi-looking-hot-in-tight-tank-top-2 brandi-in-tight-tank-top brandi-looking-hot-in-tight-gray-top barry-cool-car-driving-miss-barry-1

Brandi Bidding in Green Trying to Spend Some Green $$

We just saw again the episode where we meet Jeff. He is another serious bidder than won a few lockers and comes with a good amount of cash. Brandi was all business in was wearing the money green dress ready for anything.
brandi-green-dress-looking-at-locker-storage-wars brandi-green-dress-looking-at-locker-storage-wars brandi-green-dress-looking-at-locker-3-storage-wars brandi-green-dress-looking-hot

Holly Weird airing tonight, Brand and Jarrod Trying to fill Store Shelves

Brandi and Jarrod are fresh from their store expansion and need to buy much more product than they usually do, to fill the shelves. They are in Hollywood hoping to score some good lockers with plenty of stuff to resell.
brandi-passante-holly-weird-show brandi-passante-looking-good brandi-passante-looking-good-in-hollywood brandi-passante-checking-out-a-locker

Great shows, Brandi’s First Time and the Monte Bello Auction

Brandi’s first time showed again, where Brandi is at an auction without Jarrod. She doesn’t seem to get any slack from the other guys, she makes a few calls to Jarrod to check on some items, but does pull the trigger and makes out ok.
brandi-passante-first-time-without-jarrod brandi-passante-looking-hot-in-tank-top brandi-passante-first-time-bidding-in-black-top-storage-wars brandi-passante-buying-without-jarrod

The Monte Bello auction is where Brandi and Jarrod pick up mostly household items and furniture. Some solid stuff to resell.
brandi-passante-likes-furniture-unit-1 brandi-passante-looking-hot-in-white-top brandi-passante-likes-the-furniture-unit-2

brandi from storage wars hot in tank tops