Brandi getting the appraisel for the Piano

Brandi and Jarrod unload their truck at the Now and Then store, and start to price everything for value and resale value. The only item they do not have any idea on, is the piano from the Santa Ana locker. They do take it to get appraised, and find it worth below $1000.

storage-wars-brandi-passante-piano-appraisal-2 storage-wars-brandi-passante-piano-appraisal-1 storage-wars-brandi-passante-locker-appraisel-with-kayak-2 storage-wars-brandi-passante-locker-appraisel-with-kayak storage-wars-brandi-passante-guys-unit-tools-toys-3

Brandi and Jarrod loading the truck with items from the locker

From the Santa Ana locker, Jarrod and Brandi finally start going through the locker and seeing if there is some value. As Jarrod says “this is a guys unit, all I need to find is beer”. There is some scuba gear, a foosball table, tools and other items of value.
storage-wars-brandi-passante-guys-unit-tools-toys-2 storage-wars-brandi-passante-guys-unit-tools-toys storage-wars-brandi-passante-foosball-table-2 storage-wars-brandi-passante-foosball-table1 storage-wars-brandi-passante-cooler-has-fruit-flys

Brandi and Jarrod scoring some lockers in Santa Ana

The Santa Ana episode ran again yesterday, this was a pretty good one. Jarrod and Brandi are doing well, they get a full locker with household items, but Brandi makes it clear Jarrod spent too much. Her quote when he hits the $2000 mark “really dude! that was **** stupid”. The first gift from the locker is a gross cooler full of rotten food and fruit flys. Brandi is not happy!
storage-wars-brandi-passante-cooler-has-fruit-flys-2 storage-wars-brandi-passante-bidding-in-santa-ana-3 storage-wars-brandi-passante-jarod-bids-too-much-2 storage-wars-brandi-passante-bidding-in-santa-ana-2 storage-wars-brandi-passante-bidding-in-santa-ana-1

Brandi in black top and summer dress

The Hemet episode ran again yesterday, this is a great summer time episode. Brandi is looking cute in her black top and summer skirt. A great look for her and perfect distraction for the other bidders. There is a large crowd this day, but Jarrod keeps his winning bid below $2000.
brandi-tight-top-summer-dress brandi-tight-top-short-skirt brandi-tight-black-top storage-wars-brandi-tight-black-top storage-wars-brandi-tight-black-top storage-wars-brandi-black-top

Empire Strikes Out aired again

This was a good episode that aired again, Empire Strikes Out. Dave brought his big truck with his name and trademark “yuuup” on it, but took home nothing. I think Jarrod went pretty high on the bidding, he and Brandi don’t normally get up around $3000, but in this episode they did. Brand was looking hot in her gray dress to of course distract the other bidders.
jarod-bidding-too-much-on-a-locker brandi-passante-hot-in-gray-dress brandi-passante-hot-in-gray-strapless-dress brandi-passante-hot-in-gray-dress

Drone Wars aired again, Brandi in summer dress

This was a good episode that ran again this past weekend. We get to see more of Nabila and she returned for a few episodes. She is the strongest nemesis to Dave his bidding style and deep pockets. She is a friend to no one! Barry had a pretty funny idea to bring the plane and webcam to the auction to buzz around the locker, but in the end it failed. Brandi was also looking hot in her summer dress and maybe that pushed the bids into the thousands?
brandi-passante-legs-summer-dress brandi-passante-legs-summer-dress brandi-passante-legs-summer-dress-bidding brandi-passante-legs-summer-dress-bidding
Brandi and Jarrod getting the final appaisal:
brandi-passante-strapless-dress brandi-passante-strapless-dress

Brandi getting that jug appraised

Brandi finally gets that jug appraised, the one she bumped on the wall while walking out of the locker. She ended up putting a crack in it that the appraiser saw, and that took the value down. Brandi was looking pretty good in her black, off the shoulder shirt, when getting it appraised and hearing the news.
brandi-passante-storage-wars-off-shoulder-top4 brandi-passante-storage-wars-off-shoulder-top3 brandi-passante-storage-wars-off-shoulder-top2 brandi-passante-storage-wars-off-shoulder-top5

Brandi finding that Jug, checking it out and maybe its worth something?

Brandi and Jarrod did find that jug in the Highland locker score. Brandi cracked it walking out with it as we saw. She had it in her hand, but bumped the wall with it while carrying it. We did find out it was worth something, and was also supposed to have a matching jug for a complete set – and of course, no cracks in it!
brandi-passante-storage-wars-highland-locker brandi-passante-storage-wars-highland-bag-with-jug
brandi-passante-storage-wars-highland-valuable-jug brandi-passante-certain-jug-was-valuable brandi-passante-inspecting-jug brandi-passante-storage-wars-looking-at-jug-from-locker