Brandi and Jarrod Find an Electric Bike

We see Jeff return in this episode, another thrift store bidder, and he is going for furniture and housewares too. Dan pulls him aside and tells him to leave his trash talk outside as he know Jeff is vocal about not liking Dan’s style. Laura and Dan won’t put up with it and set Jeff straight from the start. Brandi and Jarrod get a furniture locker with one high-tech electric bike that looks pretty cool.
dan-and-jeff-arguing-about-auctions-and-bidding brandi-reckless-but-not-stupid-bidding-storage-wars brandi-ready-to-bid-reckless-storage-wars brandi-checking-out-electric-bike-storage-wars brandi-hair-up-checking-out-a-locker-in-the-heat-storage-wars jarrod-on-the-electric-bike-storage-wars

Brandi Beating out the Other Bidders and Scoring Some Dinosaur Teeth

Brandi and Jarrod talked bidding style again on the way to this auction. They went with reckless, again, which usually means over spending. Brandi out of no where went after this locker with a reckless style we weren’t expecting and won! She didn’t even pay over $1000 for it! She stole it from everyone for cheap.
brandi-found-awesome-locker-storage-wars brandi-checking-out-the-jewelry-storage-wars brandi-bidding-reckless-wins-the-locker-storage-wars brandi-teasing-hester-on-lost-trailer-tire-storage-wars2

Brandi Getting Some Hollywood Props Checked Out

In one locker, from the Hollywood bidding, Brand and Jarrod found a black and white Planet of the Apes picture. They also found what looked like a vest from the original movie too. They took it to a guy who was knowledgeable on the movie and confirmed the vest is real and was probably worn for the movie. He appraised the value at $1000.
brandi-in-blue-in-hollywood-close-up-storage-wars brandi-in-blue-getting-vest-checked-out-2-storage-wars brandi-in-blue-getting-vest-checked-out-storage-wars brandi-getting-planet-of-apes-vest-checked-out-3-storage-wars brandi-getting-planet-of-apes-vest-checked-out-2-storage-wars brandi-getting-planet-of-apes-vest-checked-out-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Win a Locker Full of Furniture in Hollywood

Brandi and Jarrod aim for a full locker, with a few dining sets, chairs and misc boxes. It seems to be packed with home furnishings which is exactly what they sell in their store. The count a few sets, find a silver set, a rubber dummy head that freaks Brandi out when
she finds it. They paid over $6000 for this locker, and they sent Nabila and Dave home empty handed too!
brandi-interested-in-furniture-locker-in-hollywood-2-storage-wars brandi-interested-in-furniture-locker-in-hollywood-3-storage-wars brandi-interested-in-furniture-locker-in-hollywood-4-storage-wars brandi-interested-in-furniture-locker-in-hollywood-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Bidding in Hollywood

Brandi and Jarrod head north, to Hollywood to bid on lockers. They are hoping maybe for something entertainment related. They do run across Nabila and Dave, both strong bidders. Nabila does seem to have the cash everytime she shows up, she will bid you up or take you out. In one of the early lockers, Nabila goes up against Darrell and he beats her out and pays over $2000.
brandi-bidding-in-black-in-hollywood-storage-wars brandi-bidding-in-black-in-hollywood-2-storage-wars nabila-bidding-against-darrell-in-hollywood-storage-wars nabila-passing-on-first-locker-in-hollywood-2-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-on-way-to-hollywood-storage-wars nabila-bidding-in-hollywood-storage-wars

Brandi Bidding on Household Unit, Find Attack Dog Suit

Jarrod wins a household unit, with nothing great looking from the outside. Brandi isn’t thrilled with it, and is hard to impress with the items coming out. She and Jarrod do find a padded attack dog suit, that Jarrod tries on right away. This seems to be the only item that is interesting and valuable.
brandi-does-not-see-anything-good brandi-checking-out-locker-boxes brandi-having-some-fun-with-jarrod-in-suit-storage-wars brandi-trying-for-tool-box-unit-storage-wars brandi-not-thrilled-with-house-hold-unit-storage-wars brandi-finding-attack-dog-suit-for-jarrod-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Bidding in Compton

Brandi and Jarrod discuss possibly their new strategy – reckless bidding. Jarrod seems to think this has paid off in the past, Brandi is not so thrilled. They are deciding whether to use this technique in Compton or not. They try to get a locker full of tools, but get beaten out by Barry – but do manage a furniture and boxes unit.
brandi-jarrod-reckless-bidding-technique brandi-checking-out-tools-storage-wars barry-with-scooter-he-brought-to-auction-storage-wars brandi-may-have-lost-jarrod-in-bidding-style-storage-wars brandi-with-crazy-eyes-when-jarrod-was-bidding-storage-wars brandi-mad-jarrod-passed-the-bidding-cap-storage-wars

New Storage Wars with Brandi and Jarrod tomorrow!

Looks like we are getting new Storage Wars episodes tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing the gang bidding, arguing and bidding-up each other. Looks like a few antics are happening and maybe some new bidders too.
storage-wars-new-episodes brandi-in-orange-dress-in-new-storage-wars-shows brandi-new-storage-wars-shows barry-driving-scooter-in-new-storage-wars-shows

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