Brandi as a Blonde

Brandi has had a few different looks on the show. Some shows she is more blonde, with great long hair. Rarely do we see her hair up or braided. Often times she will be more of a brunette look or a dirty blonde. Here are some great pics of her as a blonde.

brandi-with-new-short-blond-hair brandi-as-a-blond-bride-storage-wars brandi-as-a-blonde-on-married-to-the-job brandi-as-a-hot-blonde-married-to-the-job
brandi is a hot blonde brandi-as-a-blonde-finding-keytar-storage-wars blonde-brandi-does-not-want-to-overspend-on-locker-storage-wars blonde-brandi-knows-jarrod-will-bid-on-locker-storage-wars brandi-long-blonde-hair-tight-grey-dress-storage-wars brandi-long-blonde-hair-tight-grey-dress-2-storage-wars

brandi from storage wars hot in tank tops