Rene and Casey Nezhoda

Rene and Casey run a thrift store called “Bargain Hunters”. They shop for and stock the same merchandise as Now and Then and are direct competitors to Jarrod and Brandi. Their store is in Poway, CA – in San Diego County. They might run across Darrell as he works in San Diego, but in running a thrift store they are more like Jarrod and Brandi.
casey-lloyd-hot-in-yellow-storage-wars casey-lloyd-hot-in-white-dress-storage-wars casey-lloyd-unloading-truck-at-store-storage-wars
storage-wars-rene-nezhoda-and-his-thrift-store storage-wars-casey-nezhoda storage-wars-new-bidder-casey-nezhoda storage-wars-casey-nezhoda-bidding-against-brandi storage-wars-casey-nezhoda-bidding storage-wars-casey-checking-out-statue-in-locker-2 storage-wars-casey-checking-out-statue storage-wars-casey-found-some-jewelry

brandi from storage wars hot in tank tops