New Auctioneer Johan, Brandi and Jarrod Don’t Buy Anything

We meet a new auctioneer, Johan, and she runs a pretty good auction. She keeps the bidders in line and manages to flirt with Barry a little as well. Brandi and Jarrod are being really selective as they need specific items to now fill two stores and not just buy smaller items. They appear to be really focused on large lockers and full of furniture. Ivy and Darryl battle for a few lockers, but none appear to have the Wow Factor.
johan-new-auctioneer-storage-wars brandi-meeting-new-auctioneer-johan-storage-wars brandi-meeting-new-auctioneer-johan-storage-wars-2 barry-flirting-with-johan-new-auctioneer-storage-wars brandi-joking-about-a-growing-business-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-checking-out-locker-storage-wars

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