Brandi and Jarrod Test the Dunk Tank

Brandi and Jarrod get their dunk tank appraised at a party supply company. The guys says the tank looks good but the water tank has a small hole in it. They fill the tank up and Brandi cannot hit the target. Jarrod gets in the dunk tank and on her first throw, Brandi dunks Jarrod!
jarrod-in-the-dunk-tank-storage-wars brandi-throwing-at-jarrod-in-the-dunk-tank-storage-wars brandi-throwing-at-jarrod-in-the-dunk-tank-2-storage-wars brandi-throwing-a-softball-at-the-dunk-tank-storage-wars brandi-knocked-jarrod-in-the-dunk-tank-on-first-throw-storage-wars brandi-had-fun-with-the-dunk-tank-storage-wars brandi-excited-she-knocked-jarrod-in-the-tank-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Find Shelf Filler Items & a Dunk Tank

Brandi and Jarrod find shelf filler items in the locker they won. Many smaller items, some figurines and a motorized wheelchair. They do stumble across some red metal caging they couldn’t at first figure out what it was. They later realize it was a dunk tank and it might be usable. Jarrod suggests getting it checked out at a circus, but Brandi reveals she is afraid of clowns.
brandi-and-jarrod-find-dunk-tank-2-storage-wars brandi-wants-to-get-dunk-tank-appraised-storage-wars brandi-finds-motorized-wheel-chair-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-find-dunk-tank-storage-wars brandi-finding-shelf-filler-items-in-locker-2-storage-wars brandi-finding-shelf-filler-items-in-locker-storage-wars brandi-does-not-like-clowns-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod, Trying to Have Fun and Buy

Brandi and Jarrod try the “lets just have fun” trick for bidding. They are hoping for good deals and to have a good time. They buy a locker that looks to be filled with items for the shelves of their store and some random things too.
brandi-cracking-jokes-on-storage-wars brandi-going-to-lancaster-storage-wars brandi-ready-to-bid-storage-wars brandi-wins-locker-of-random-stuff-storage-wars darrell-wins-five-dollar-locker-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Bring Kids to Work

Brandi and Jarrod have the kids out for spring break and decide to bring them to an auction. They try to teach them some bidding techniques and how to evaluate a locker. Jarrod uses the kids to distract Ivy and cause him to miss the bids. The kids end up helping Brandi and Jarrod win the locker.
brandi-using-kids-as-distraction-storage-wars brandi-not-happy-about-jarrods-locker-storage-wars-2 brandi-not-happy-about-jarrods-locker-storage-wars brandi-doesnt-want-the-kids-learning-from-jarrod-storage-wars brandi-doesnt-want-the-kids-acting-like-jarrod-storage-wars brandi-checking-on-locker-with-kids-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod, Nice to Bidders, But No Locker

Brandi and Jarrod started out with a strategy of just having fun and will be nice to the other bidders, no matter what. There were some tempting times to make fun of Rene when he showed up wearing a bowtie and matching power purple shirt with Casey, but Brandi held back. Ivy got the tools locker and Darrell made out well, but no locker for Brandi and Jarrod.

brandi-trying-to-be-nice-today-storage-wars jarrod-bidding-against-darrell-too-storage-wars brandi-trying-not-to-make-fun-of-rene-storage-wars rene-and-casey-in-matching-purple-outfits-storage-wars brandi-being-nice-but-no-locker-storage-wars brandi-hot-in-tight-black-dress-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Find and Try Out Wigs

Brandi and Jarrod find in their locker some wigs. They are not sure of their value and take them to get appraised. The wigs are not the more valuable human hair type, but plastic, yet they have some value. They find they are worth about $600. While at the wig store they try on a few that might fit their style.
brandi-and-jarrod-getting-wigs-appraised-storage-wars brandi-finding-wigs-are-worth-600-storage-wars brandi-wants-to-get-her-hair-did-storage-wars brandi-trying-on-a-wig-storage-wars jarrod-trying-on-elvis-wig-storage-wars brandi-working-the-martha-wig-on-storage-wars

Brandi Mad and Jarrod on the Way to the Auction

Brandi started off the day mad at Jarrod, and said she wasn’t going to talk about it. Casey on the way, was also on Rene to not buy bad lockers either. This was the day where the ladies were in charge. Brandi didn’t want Jarrod to go for the first locker, but he tried anyway. A locker full of old tires and random junk.
brandi-mad-at-jarrod-wont-talk-about-it-storage-wars brandi-mad-at-jarrod-on-way-to-the-auction-storage-wars casey-wants-rene-to-buy-smart-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-pass-on-tires-unit-storage-wars brandi-thinks-unit-is-junk-storage-wars brandi-making-fun-of-jarrod-storage-wars

Brandi Getting Perfume Bottles Appraised

Brandi and Jarrod take their old perfume bottles to get appraised. The smaller bottles do not seem to be worth much, but the egg shaped perfume caddy has value. The appraiser says it is very old and they seldom are still in working order. He values the caddy at $1000.
brandi-at-thrive-decor-for-appraisal-storage-wars brandi-getting-perfume-bottles-appraised-storage-wars brandis-perfume-caddy-most-valuable-storage-wars brandi-likes-the-perfume-bottles-storage-wars brandi-finds-out-bottles-are-worth-1000-dollars-storage-wars brandi-finds-out-bottles-are-worth-1000-dollars-on-storage-wars brandi-likes-appraisal-on-perfume-bottles-storage-wars