Bidding and Trying Candy from Kenny

Flashback: We also see Barry’s friend Kenny show up, and he is in the candy business. He shows up in a Cadillac and dressed in a suit to the auction. He is handing out praline candys to Barry, Brandi and Jarrod. He ends up staying to help Barry buy a few lockers and check things out.
kenny-helping-barry-bid-storage-wars brandi-on-way-to-auction-storage-wars brandi-meeting-up-with-kenny-at-the-auction-storage-wars brandi-and-barry-looking-at-kennys-candys-at-the-auction-storage-wars barry-and-kenny-checking-out-locker-storage-wars barry-and-kenny-bidding-against-jarrod-storage-wars

Buying Furniture and Opening Second Store

Great Flashback to when Brandi and Jarrod were about to open their second store. Jarrod and Brandi are trying to watch their spending, but Jarrod still goes big on a questionable furniture locker. He spends $800 for a locker filled with average items and no big ticket items. They find a somewhat valuable older oil lamp that ends up paying off for them.
brandi-watching-kenny-drive-up-storage-wars brandi-watching-jarrod-stressed-out-storage-wars brandi-trying-kennys-praline-candys-storage-wars brandi-mad-about-spending-money-before-new-store-opens-storage-wars brandi-mad-about-furniture-locker-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-getting-lamp-appraised-storage-wars

FLASHBACK: Very First Storage Wars Episode

FLASHBACK to the very first episode. This is where we learn about all the bidders, some of their history and see some of the biggest scores Darrell has made. Brandi isn’t even in the opening of the show, she is introduced later when Jarrod brings the locker contents back to the store. She is concerned over money spent and that Jarrod bought an old car. She says most vehicles they buy are hard to sell and need to be fixed up. Jarrod’s car does pay off and ends up putting them into the positive on the locker.
brandi-first-time-on-storage-wars brandi-sorting-boxes-first-time-on-storage-wars brandi-mad-jarrod-spent-700-dollars-storage-wars brandi-surprised-at-value-of-car-appraisal-storage-wars brandi-thinks-jarrod-got-luck-with-car-storage-wars jarrod-bids-on-an-old-car-storage-wars

FLASHBACK: Brandi and Jarrod Bidding in Longbeach

Great Flashback to Jarrod and Brandi bidding in Longbeach. They skip on the first locker that appears to have junk in it, but a locker that has been sitting for 15 years catches their eye. Barry hears there is an old motorcycle in the locker and goes for it too. Brandi tries to keep Jarrod to a spending cap, but that doesn’t quite work out. She and Jarrod score another locker and appear to overpay but do find an old kite reel that might be worth something.
brandi-and-jarrod-head-to-longbeach-storage-wars brandi-sees-alcohol-in-the-locker-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-see-alcohol-in-the-locker-storage-wars brandi-does-not-want-to-bid-storage-wars brandi-does-not-want-15-year-old-unit-storage-wars jarrod-over-paid-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Try for Tools Locker

All the bidders are out in force for this auction. Dan is back to running things and first up is a pretty well stocked tools locker. It is kept clean and had a lot of tools and construction supplies. Ivy, Jarrod and Dave all try for the locker. As it approaches $1000 everyone drops out except Ivy who wins it.
brandi-on-way-to-auction-storage-wars brandi-checking-out-tools-locker-storage-wars jarrod-down-playing-tools-locker-storage-wars brandi-lead-bid-on-tools-locker-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-leave-with-no-locker brandi-on-way-to-auction-storage-wars-3

Brandi Helping Jarrod Choose a Tux

After Jarrod was helping Brandi pick her dress, she decided to return the favor. Brandi took Jarrod to a tuxedo store to help choose the right clothes for their wedding. Jarrod had a few wild ideas while he was there.
brandi-trying-on-mermaid-wedding-dress-married-to-the-job brandi-having-jarrod-pick-a-tuxedo-married-to-the-job jarrod-picking-tuxedo-married-to-the-job jarrod-picking-tuxedo-2-married-to-the-job brandi-mad-at-jarrod-about-the-tuxedo-married-to-the-job brandi-in-cheap-jarrod-picked-dress-married-to-the-job

Brandi Trying on Wedding Dresses

Jarrod tells Brandi he wants to be a part of her wedding dress decision. He says he doesn’t want her wearing a potatoe sack for a dress and will help her pick the best one. He goes with her, but only wants to rush the whole process. Brandi tries on many dresses, but Jarrod likes the cheapest one and just want to get out of the store as quickly as possible. He did have one favorite, the mermaid dress.
brandi-doesnt-want-jarrod-judging-her-clothes-married-to-the-job brandi-trying-on-wedding-dress-married-to-the-job brandi-trying-on-wedding-dress-2-married-to-the-job brandi-trying-on-second-wedding-dress-married-to-the-job brandi-trying-on-third-wedding-dress-married-to-the-job brandi-trying-on-third-wedding-dress-with-crown-married-to-the-job

Brandi and Jarrod Placing Cameras in Their Store

Brandi and Jarrod try to use the outdoor spy camera they found in their store. They try to place them in secret areas of the store to check out what the employees are up to. Somehow in all this Brandi does a funny crocodile hunter impersonation, when she talks about secretly filming something, it was pretty funny.
brandi-places-spy-cameras-around-their-store-2-storage-wars brandi-and-crocodile-hunter-impersonation-storage-wars brandi-and-crocodile-hunter-impersonation-2-storage-wars brandi-and-crocodile-hunter-impersonation-3-storage-wars brandi-and-crocodile-hunter-impersonation-4-storage-wars