Brandi and Jarrod, New Show “Married to the Job”

Brandi and Jarrod have a special show airing this month called “Married to the Job”. It follows their home life, raising kids and running their business. This could be a solid lead into a reality series just about them!
brandi-and-jarrod-married-to-the-job-show-on-red-carpet brandi-and-jarrod-married-to-the-job-new-show brandi-sipping-from-a-straw-storage-wars brandi-and-waitress-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod with One Store and No Lockers

Brandi and Jarrod just closed their Long Beach store and are trying to stay positive. Jarrod is excited to buy junk, as he says, and want to keep moving forward. He wants to keep his one store full and keep on going. He and Brandi spend smart and do not see any lockers with bidding on. They in fact leave with nothing this time around.
brandi-back-to-basics-with-one-store-storage-wars brandi-back-to-basics-with-one-store-2-storage-wars brandi-holding-jarrod-back-from-buying-junk-storage-wars brandi-closing-long-bearch-store-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-leave-with-no-lockers-storage-wars

Brandi Bidding Against Ivy and Rene

Brandi is bidding on a tools and furniture locker and Rene and Ivy are also showing interest. Ivy stays in for a bit, but as Rene and Brandi take it over $3000, she finally wins it. Brandi was set on getting this locker, but she needs to make money on it as it cost so much.
brandi-bidding-against-ivy-storage-wars brandi-bidding-against-ivy-2-storage-wars rene-bidding-high-storage-wars brandi-wins-expensive-locker-from-rene-storage-wars

Rene and Casey Commercial, and Jarrod’s Truck Gets Smashed

This bidding started out with Brandi and Jarrod’s store truck getting damaged, when it hit a tree while being parked. As Brandi put it, they we already $1000 in the hole and the bidding hadn’t even started yet. Rene and Casey also made a campy commercial for their store at the start of the show. Kind of funny.
rene-and-casey-make-a-commercial-storage-wars rene-and-casey-make-a-commercial-at-their-store-storage-wars casey-in-her-cowboy-hat-and-tight-red-top-storage-wars brandi-ready-to-bid-even-though-truck-is-damaged-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Scoop Up all the Lockers

Brandi and Jarrod scoop all the lockers on a spending spree. They pretty much shut out Rene and Casey from buying anything. The lockers appear to be split in price, just above a $1000 and some right around $500. There appears to be some stress with running two stores, and Brandi even suggests closing the long beach store.
brandi-gray-shirt-thinks-jarrod-has-too-much-stuff-storage-wars brandi-in-gray-shirt-mad-at-jarrod-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-paying-big-for-lockers-storage-wars brandi-bidding-glammed-up-storage-wars

Brandi in New Storage Wars Tonight

Tonight we get to see Brand and Jarrod leading the pack of bidders. New Storage Wars episodes are on tonight! Two shows “Flight of the Gambler” and “The Hills Have Buys”. We’ve seen Darrel and Casey in the bidding action tonight too.
brandi-happy-about-new-storage-wars brandi-in-new-storage-wars-checking-furniture-locker brandi-in-strapless-dress-new-storage-wars brandi-finding-porn-in-new-storage-wars

New Storage Wars Episodes Coming March 18

New Storage Wars Episodes Coming March 18. Looking forward to seeing this years bidders along with the veterans of the show.
brandi-looking-for-new-shows-storage-wars brandi-blonde-hair-bidding-up-darrell-on-locker-storage-wars brandi-in-new-storage-wars-shows brandi-not-happy-about-over-spending-storage-wars

Summertime Bidding in the Heat!

Summer time flash back to bidding in the heat. Brandi will often battle and distract the other bidders in her tank top and score big. She now has competition with Nabila and even Casey! Brandi is the favored bidder, she knows what she’s doing and can crush em if the bidding gets out of control.
brandi-passante-winning-skates-in-tight-black-tank-top-storage-wars nabila-tank-top=bidding-against-darrell-in-hollywood-storage-wars brandi-black-tank-top-with-hat-storage-wars casey-in-white-tank-top-dress-storage-wars