Brandi and Mary, Out with Friends

Brandi and Mary are busy and out and about. Either working to score some lockers or hanging out with friends.
brandi-with-friends-black-top-storage-wars brandi-with-long-blonde-hair-storage-wars mary-blowing-a-kiss-to-fans-storage-wars mary-out-scoring-lockers-from-storage-wars

Funny Video from Married to the Job

Funny Video from Married to the Job, with Brandi and Jarrod.

Brandi and Mary Hanging Out Together over the Weekend

Brandi and Mary were hanging out together at a local monster truck show! Both had some pretty good box seats to watch the show and shared the party with this selfie.
brandi-and-mary-at-monster-truck-show-storage-wars mary-padian-selfie-pic-from-storage-wars

Brandi with Friends

Few photos of Brandi with her friends from the show. Brandi with Dan, Laura and a picture when they filmed the Christmas show and all the girls were there. Even a photo of Brandi and Jarrod at a show in Vegas.
brandi-christmas-party-with-mary-casey-laura-storage-wars brandi-from-storage-wars-with-dan-dotsen brandi-in-red-dress-with-laura-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-at-vegas-show-storage-wars

Brandi Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

Brandi doing the ice bucket challenge! Although not sure she was expecting it, as she was wearing a nice dress when they hit her with the water.
brandi-black-dress-all-wet-from-bucket-challenge-storage-wars brandi-black-dress-all-wet-from-bucket-challenge-storage-wars-2

Brandi with Friends and Bidding

Brandi from storage wars, bidding and hanging out with friends.
brandi-and-her-friend-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-on-red-carpet-for-tv-event-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-open-new-store-storage-wars brandi-blonde-with-friend-in-sexy-pic-storage-wars brandi-long-blue-dress-storage-wars brandi-from-storage-wars-making-her-mad-face brandi-hot-in-red-strapless-dress-storage-wars brandi-on-birthday-in-little-black-dress-storage-wars brandi-passante-in-pirate-girl-costume-for-halloween brandi-passante-as-pirate-with-jarrod brandi-from-storage-wars-in-selfie-pic brandi-short-blond-hair-from-storage-wars storage-wars-brandi-with-susan-lucci

Brandi Buying the Units, Talks bidding with Mary

Brandi makes the plan with Jarrod that she is buying all the units on this trip. She also chats it up with Mary and if she is planning on buying and staying longer in California. Brandi lets her know auctions are no place to meet a man and they start making fun of Darrell as an example.
brandi-dirty-blonde-bidding-with-jarrod-storage-wars brandi-long-blonde-hair-interview-storage-wars

Jarrod Bidding Behind Brandi’s Back

With Brandi buying a locker by accident, Jarrod uses this to make a bunch of buys. He motions to bid behind Brandi’s back, to make it look like is bidding. Dan makes Brandi the winner on a few lockers with Jarrod waving his hand behind Brandi.

brandi-out-shopping-white-top-storage-wars brandi-black-and-white-photo-storage-wars brandi-in-low-cut-green-top-storage-wars-blonde-hair