Brandi Buying the Units, Talks bidding with Mary

Brandi makes the plan with Jarrod that she is buying all the units on this trip. She also chats it up with Mary and if she is planning on buying and staying longer in California. Brandi lets her know auctions are no place to meet a man and they start making fun of Darrell as an example.
brandi-and-mary-making-fun-of-darrell-storage-wars brandi-checking-out-first-locker-2-storage-wars brandi-checking-out-first-locker-storage-wars brandi-checking-out-next-locker-storage-wars mary-trying-to-stay-on-budget-storage-wars brandi-does-not-want-jarrod-to-bid-storage-wars

Jarrod Bidding Behind Brandi’s Back

With Brandi buying a locker by accident, Jarrod uses this to make a bunch of buys. He motions to bid behind Brandi’s back, to make it look like is bidding. Dan makes Brandi the winner on a few lockers with Jarrod waving his hand behind Brandi.
jarrod-bidding-behind-brandis-back-storage-wars brandi-mad-at-jarrod-bidding-behind-her-back--storage-wars brandi-mad-at-jarrod-bidding-behind-her-back-6-storage-wars brandi-mad-at-jarrod-bidding-behind-her-back-3-storage-wars brandi-mad-at-jarrod-bidding-behind-her-back-2-storage-wars brandi-mad-at-jarrod-bidding-behind-her-back-4-storage-wars

Brandi Bidding and Mary Too

Brandi ends up talking to Mary at the korea Town auction about how no one likes Dave. Mary goes for a small cheap locker early, but Dave bids her way up and she drops out. Jarrod bids up Dave on the same locker almost to a $1000 then drops it on him. While looking at a smaller locker later, Brandi makes some jesture that Dan thinks is a bid and she accidentally bids and wins a locker!
brandi-letting-jarrod-bid-how-he-wants-storage-wars mary-looking-to-make-serious-money-storage-wars brandi-and-mary-talking-about-dave-2-storage-wars brandi-going-for-first-locker-storage-wars brandi-accidentally-bought-a-locker-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-running-up-dave-2-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Battle in El Monte

Brandi and Jarrod try the strategy of talking-down a unit they really like. They also want to talk-up a unit they see so the other bidders will go for the junk. Brandi isn’t sure of this plan, but gives it a shot. They do go for a few units and run the bidding up to $5000 for a furniture packed unit and win it.
brandi-on-way-to-el-monte-again-storage-wars brandi-listening-to-ivy-talk-t-shirts-storage-wars brandi-knows-jarrod-has-no-plan-storage-wars brandi-checking-out-party-supply-unit-storage-wars brandi-checking-out-party-supply-unit-2-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-go-for-second-unit-storage-wars

Brandi Gets My Little Pony Toys Looked At

Brandi stumbles across a stash of My Little Pony toys. She think the person was a collector or a “Brony”, an adult fan of the show. They go to a toy store and have them looked at. They have a few valuable toys and the whole lot could be worth $875.
brandi-with-my-little-pony-toys-storage-wars brandi-surprised-at-50-dollar-locker-storage-wars brandi-getting-appraisal-on-my-little-pony-toys-storage-wars brandi-getting-appraisal-on-my-little-pony-toys-in-locker-storage-wars brandi-getting-appraisal-on-my-little-pony-toys-2-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Getting Cheap Locker in Oceanside

Brandi and Jarrod head to Oceanside to hopefully get some sporting goods lockers full of beach or recreation gear. Somehow in the all the confusion of bidding, people talking and only Jarrod paying attention – he wins a locker for only $50 dollars. He swipes from the others when no one is looking! Brandi is amazed they spent so little.
brandi-on-her-way-to-oceanside-auction-storage-wars brandi-finding-tools-in-50-dollar-locker-storage-wars brandi-finding-my-little-pony-toys-in-locker-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-locking-50-dollar-locker-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-just-won-cheapest-locker-ever-storage-wars

Brandi’s First Bidding War with Casey

Great Flashback! Brandi and Casey go head-to-head on a locker. Her and Jarrod set a limit on a locker full of collectibles, records and tools. The limit gets reached pretty quickly at $2000 and Brandi blows past the cap as Casey’s bidding gets aggressive. Jarrod jumps in and they stop at $4000 as they don’t see any money made at that point. They let Rene grab it for 4K.
brandi-will-not-be-outbid-by-casey-and-rene-storage-wars brandi-not-getting-out-bid-by-casey-storage-wars brandi-lost-the-locker-to-casey-and-rene-storage-wars brandi-going-to-burbank-to-bid-against-casey-storage-wars brandi-checking-unit-with-old-trunk-storage-wars brandi-checking-unit-with-old-trunk-2-storage-wars brandi-checking-unit-with-old-records-storage-wars casey-bidding-against-brandi-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Score a Locker with Cash In It!

Flashback! In this episode Jarrod and Brandi go to a few auctions. They pass on the near empty locker that Barry picks up for $1. They later bought a furniture locker full of many items and find envelopes full of cash! There is mostly furniture and blankets, but the cash find is the best part of going through the locker.
brandi-going-for-surfer-beach-unit-storage-wars brandi-wants-surfer-beach-unit-storage-wars brandi-finding-cash-in-their-expensive-locker-storage-wars brandi-checking-out-their-expensive-locker-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-find-cash-in-the-locker-storage-wars brandi-and-jarrod-pass-on-one-dollar-unit-storage-wars

brandi from storage wars hot in tank tops