Jarrod Finishes Family Fun Room

Jarrod changes his mind about Jarrod’s Joint at the house. He incorporates some items from the kids and makes the room more family friendly. He tries to throw some items away, but Brandi get them back and they finally make it into the bar. Jarrod is proud to show Brandi the room and all the items for adults and kids.
brandi-doesnt-want-jarrod-taking-stuff-to-store-married-to-the-job brandi-going-to-get-kids-stuff-back-married-to-the-job jarrod-making-room-for-bar-married-to-the-job jarrod-showing-brandi-the-bar-married-to-the-job jarrod-showing-brandi-the-bar-married-to-the-job-3 brandi-surprised-at-family-bar-play-room-married-to-the-job

Brandi Doesn’t Like the Idea of a Bar in the House

Jarrod wants to convert one room of their house into “Jarrod’s Joint”, a man cave type of bar. He wants a custom bar, video games and a place to sit and have drinks served. Brandi it not thrilled with the idea and wants to finish other rooms of the house first.
jarrod-convincing-brandi-they-need-a-bar-at-the-house jarrod-convincing-brandi-they-need-a-bar brandi-not-happy-about-a-bar-at-the-house-married-to-the-job-2 brandi-not-happy-about-a-bar-at-the-house-married-to-the-job

Brandi Selling Jarrod’s Truck

Brandi wants to sell Jarrod’s truck to help pay for their wedding. She is trying to clean up Jarrod’s truck to sell without him knowing it. She grabs the keys and tells him she is just being nice and is going to wash it. She also takes some pictures and posts and add for it to sell.
brandi-selling-jarrods-truck-married-to-the-job brandi-washing-jarrods-truck-to-sell-it-married-to-the-job brandi-selling-truck-to-pay-for-wedding-married-to-the-job brandi-washing-jarrods-truck-to-sell-it-2-married-to-the-job brandi-washing-the-truck-to-sell-2-married-to-the-job brandi-washing-the-truck-to-sell-married-to-the-job

Jarrod Gives Brandi a Ring, They are Engaged

Brandi and sore from working out when Jarrod finally surprises her. He gets Brandi a ring and proposes to her. He ties some tags to their dog with his message to her and hands her the ring. His kids are there and she is overwhelmed and surprised by the ring and says Yes! brandi-resting-from-the-workouts-married-to-the-job brandi-resting-from-the-workouts-2-married-to-the-job brandi-getting-engagement-ring-married-to-the-job brandi-getting-engagement-ring-3-married-to-the-job brandi-and-jarrod-are-engaged-2-married-to-the-job

Brandi on Her Way to the Gym

While going to the gym and working with a personal trainer seems like a good idea, Brandi learns otherwise. The workout is tough and a bit more than she thought. She ends up going home sore and has to call Jarrod from the driveway to come outside to get her as she can’t move from the car. Jarrod is trying to guess Brandi’s ring size as he finally wants to propose and get her an engagement ring.
jarrod-trying-to-get-brandis-ring-size-married-to-the-job brandi-working-out-at-the-gym-married-to-the-job brandi-sore-from-working-out-married-to-the-job brandi-on-her-way-to-the-gym-married-to-the-job brandi-on-her-way-to-the-gym-2-married-to-the-job brandi-day-two-of-working-out-married-to-the-job

Brandi and Jarrod, Married to the Job

We see them in their new show, with an opening like a family from the 1950’s, Brandi the housewife and Jarrod off to work. The show later reveals they are not the typical family and the big decision Jarrod has to make is how to shave his beard. Later Brandi does take on the challenge of getting a personal trainer and going to the gym.
brandi-as-1950s-housewife-on-married-to-the-job brandi-commenting-on-jarrod-shaving-his-beard-2-married-to-the-job brandi-commenting-on-jarrod-shaving-his-beard-on-married-to-the-job brandi-trying-personal-trainer-on-married-to-the-job

Brandi and Jarrod Test the Jetovator

Brandi and Jarrod find a jet ski attachment, that lets you fly on the water. The Jetovator is powered by a jet ski and the force of the water. They get it appraised at $7,000 and Jarrod takes it for a test flight. We also learn that we haven’t seen the last of Dave.
brandi-checking-out-jetovator-at-the-shore-storage-wars brandi-checking-out-jetovator-storage-wars brandi-unloading-the-water-skis-2-storage-wars brandi-watching-jarrod-on-the-jetovator-storage-wars dave-has-a-new-yuup-truck-storage-wars jarrod-on-the-jetovator-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Get Three Lockers

Brandi and Jarrod bid smart and get three lockers on this trip. They have their crew pick them all up, load and bring the gear back to the store. While unloading the items, they find some store shelf filler items, some water skiis and a jet ski adaptor, Jetavator!
brandi-ready-to-bid-against-dave-and-is-mad-1-storage-wars brandi-ready-to-bid-against-dave-storage-wars brandi-unloading-the-truck-at-the-store-2-storage-wars brandi-unloading-the-truck-at-the-store-storage-wars brandi-unloading-the-water-skis-storage-wars brandi-unloading-three-lockers-worth-of-stuff-storage-wars