Brandi and Jarrod Eating Healthy

Brandi wants Jarrod and the kids to start to eat health, after she sees him buy them shakes for breakfast. She gets Jarrod to agree to eat healthy, but she also has to suffer and drink juice for a cleanse. She prepares Jarrod his first meal of just fruit and vegetables.
brandi-trying-to-get-jarrod-to-eat-healthy-married-to-the-job brandi-is-not-fat-married-to-the-job brandi-making-healthy-meal-married-to-the-job brandi-making-healthy-meal-2-married-to-the-job brandi-getting-jarrod-to-exercise-married-to-the-job brandi-drinking-healthy-cleanse-married-to-the-job

Jarrod Buys a Golf Cart

Brandi gives Jarrod a 2 hour vacation to do whatever he wants and he leaves immediately to enjoy it. Soon after he returns with a golf cart he bought and wants to show Brandi. He takes her for a ride and wants to make it his own and add a few customized items.

brandi-checking-out-golf-cart-married-to-the-job brandi-gives-jarrod-a-vacation-married-to-the-job jarrod-explaining-golf-cart-to-brandi-married-to-the-job brandi-sees-jarrod-bought-golf-cart-married-to-the-job jarrod-buysgolf-cart-shows-brandi-married-to-the-job brandi-laughing-at-jarrod-married-to-the-job

Brandi and Jarrod Do Some Bowling

This locker ends up having some interesting items. Brandi finds a box of old video tapes and Jarrod find some sporting good stuff and a bowling ball. He wants to try bowling in the hallway and aims for Brandi on a chair. He hits the chair she’s on and she falls down like a bowling pin!
jarrod-knocks-brandi-over-from-bowling-storage-wars jarrod-knocks-brandi-over-from-bowling-2-storage-wars jarrod-bowling-with-ball-from-locker-storage-wars brandi-grossed-out-by-old-video-tapes-storage-wars brandi-finding-old-video-tapes-storage-wars brandi-finding-old-video-tapes-2-storage-wars

Brandi and Jarrod Try to Dump Locker on Darrell

Brandi and Jarrod are in West Covina as well as all the other bidders, even Dave. Darrell has had good scores in this city and Jarrod wants to dump a junk locker on him. After they start the bidding very low, Darrell doesn’t bite and they get stuck with a $50 locker full of junk. After going through it, they find engine gaskets and sporting gear that end up having some value, not a total loss.
brandi-couldnt-get-darrel-to-bid-on-junk-locker-storage-wars brandi-doesnt-want-to-unload-junk-locker-storage-wars brandi-pleaseed-with-cheap-locker-after-all-storage-wars brandi-stuck-with-junk-locker-storage-wars brandi-with-engine-gasket-set-storage-wars brandi-with-head-gasket-set-storage-wars

Jarrod Finishes Family Fun Room

Jarrod changes his mind about Jarrod’s Joint at the house. He incorporates some items from the kids and makes the room more family friendly. He tries to throw some items away, but Brandi get them back and they finally make it into the bar. Jarrod is proud to show Brandi the room and all the items for adults and kids.
brandi-doesnt-want-jarrod-taking-stuff-to-store-married-to-the-job brandi-going-to-get-kids-stuff-back-married-to-the-job jarrod-making-room-for-bar-married-to-the-job jarrod-showing-brandi-the-bar-married-to-the-job jarrod-showing-brandi-the-bar-married-to-the-job-3 brandi-surprised-at-family-bar-play-room-married-to-the-job

Brandi Doesn’t Like the Idea of a Bar in the House

Jarrod wants to convert one room of their house into “Jarrod’s Joint”, a man cave type of bar. He wants a custom bar, video games and a place to sit and have drinks served. Brandi it not thrilled with the idea and wants to finish other rooms of the house first.
jarrod-convincing-brandi-they-need-a-bar-at-the-house jarrod-convincing-brandi-they-need-a-bar brandi-not-happy-about-a-bar-at-the-house-married-to-the-job-2 brandi-not-happy-about-a-bar-at-the-house-married-to-the-job

Brandi Selling Jarrod’s Truck

Brandi wants to sell Jarrod’s truck to help pay for their wedding. She is trying to clean up Jarrod’s truck to sell without him knowing it. She grabs the keys and tells him she is just being nice and is going to wash it. She also takes some pictures and posts and add for it to sell.
brandi-selling-jarrods-truck-married-to-the-job brandi-washing-jarrods-truck-to-sell-it-married-to-the-job brandi-selling-truck-to-pay-for-wedding-married-to-the-job brandi-washing-jarrods-truck-to-sell-it-2-married-to-the-job brandi-washing-the-truck-to-sell-2-married-to-the-job brandi-washing-the-truck-to-sell-married-to-the-job

Jarrod Gives Brandi a Ring, They are Engaged

Brandi and sore from working out when Jarrod finally surprises her. He gets Brandi a ring and proposes to her. He ties some tags to their dog with his message to her and hands her the ring. His kids are there and she is overwhelmed and surprised by the ring and says Yes! brandi-resting-from-the-workouts-married-to-the-job brandi-resting-from-the-workouts-2-married-to-the-job brandi-getting-engagement-ring-married-to-the-job brandi-getting-engagement-ring-3-married-to-the-job brandi-and-jarrod-are-engaged-2-married-to-the-job