Brandi Sharing Pics with Fans

Brandi sharing selfie pics with fans of what she is up to!
brandi-drinking-at-tv-show-party-storage-wars brandi-sharing-selfie-from-storage-wars brandi-dressed-in-80s-style-from-storage-wars

Brandi in the Hot Tub from Married to the Job

Funny clip of Brandi in her hot tub from their other show “Married to the Job”. Don’t drop that phone!

Brandi Trying Start the Quads She Won

Flashback – When Brandi spent $5000 on the quads for herself and Jarrod and tries to start them up in the unit.

Brandi Getting Old Skateboards Appraised

Flashback to Brandi getting old classic skateboards appraised. She was really tan and made a good score with these boards.

Casey Sharing with Fans

Casey Nezhoda meets her fans and shares pics. She takes some good selfies of what she is up to, and apparently plays a lot of paintball.
casey-meeting-fans-and-friends-from-storage-wars casey-showing-midriff-during-paint-ball-storage-wars

Flashback: Brandi Bidding in the Winning Tank Top

Brandi knew what to wear to win. She was bidding, getting aggresive but getting the locker she wanted. Secret weapon to distract and crush the other bidders – the gray tank top!

Brandi and Jarrod Promoting Small Business in Orange County

Brandi and Jarrod were part of a panel supporting small business in their area. They were profiled as a successful small business in Orange County and the event was to inspire growth in the area and for others to engage in their own business.
brandi-jarrod-talking-small-business-from-storage-wars brandi-jarrod-talking-small-business-from-storage-wars-1 brandi-jarrod-talking-small-business-from-storage-wars-3 brandi-small-business-event-from-storage-wars

Darrell Could Leave Storage Wars ?!

We heard there are new contract negotiations being reported for Storage Wars. Rumor is Darrell’s pay was cut in half and he may leave the show over this? We know Brandi is the star of the show, but we do like the other bidders too.
brandi-at-bar-and-event-for-storage-wars brandi-checking-news-on-her-phone-from-storage-wars