Brandi and Jarrod Find a Tron Costume

Brandi and Jarrod Find a Tron Costume, and Brandi Tries it On!


Flashback to Brandi, on Storage Wars Season 1

Flashback to Brandi, on Storage Wars Season 1.

Brandi and Jarrod in an Interview, Talking About Storage Wars

Brandi and Jarrod in an interview talking about the show. How has being on TV changed their lives, how they run their store and home security.

brandi-interviewed-about-storage-wars-and-business brandi-interviewed-about-storage-wars-and-business-2 brandi-interviewed-about-storage-wars-and-her-dogs

Brandi Meeting Fans

Brandi autographs pics and poses with fans from the show. Some classic pics from when she had long blonde hair, a while back.
brandi-passante-with-fans-long-blonde-hair-storage-wars brandi-signing-pics-for-fans-storage-wars

New Storage Wars, Just Two Days! “They’ll Always Have Perris”

Brandi, Mary and Ivy are ready to battle Dave in this new season. Looks like some good back and forth with everyone on the show and Dave. He still rolls in with the most money and ability to move products.

brandi-bidding-in-new-season-of-storage-wars mary-ready-for-bidding-in-new-storage-wars-season
A brief on the first episode:

“The valley of Perris, CA hosts an early morning auction that has the buyers waking up early and watching their bids. Jarrod and Brandi start the day in high spirits, but things get tense as Dave shows up with more bluster than usual”

New Storage Wars, July 21!

Cannot wait, new Storage Wars episodes Tuesday, July 21!

Brandi Sharing Pics with Fans

Brandi recently posted a picture of her and her dog. Looks like her same dog from “Married to the Job” that we’ve seen.

Great Fan-Made Brandi Passante Video

Great fan made video featuring Brandi. Some of her best bidding action on Storage Wars.

  • brandi passante super hot from storage wars

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